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Ah, to be a penguin named Magda...

(I'm not really either)

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October 2nd, 2010

Hello! Good grief, it's been an eternity since my last post! Have you missed me? There's a lot of new stuff to mention, so I return to my beloved bulletpoint lists!
  • Firstly, and most importantly by a mile, I'm no longer living at my house. Since the end of July I've been living in a flat with TehBoyfriend! (Actually, that's annoying to keep typing, so from now on he's going to be MB. And no, that doesn't stand for anything dirty. You all have sick minds.) The flat is small and has a slightly massive mould growth on one wall, but I honestly love it. I feel like I've lived there forever, and unlike last year's flat it really feels like it belongs to me, not just a temporary rented place. Happily, the relationship is going well. There have been a few minor spats, followed by short-lived sulking and culminating in shamefaced apologies and (occasionally) eating haribo. I should write relationship books citing the importance of haribo. Keep it with you at ALL times if you predict disagreement. 
  • I'm in third year! there's infinitely more reading and preparation to do for classes, but I only have 3 courses totalling 6 contact hours a week. So overall, compared to second year, HELL YES I HAVE FREE TIME AGAIN! Now that it's over I will openly admit that second year was utter hell, which finally drove RussianPrincess to breaking point. She basically dropped out about a month before our final exams. I'm not entirely sure what she's doing this year, last I heard she was redoing second year but taking law and philosophy instead of straight law, so I imagine that's less work. I hope it all goes well for her, but I seriously doubt I'll see that much of her from now on in. MapleSmoke has gone on a year abroad and I miss the hell out of her, but she'll be back at christmas so I'll have to hold on til then. FrenchTechie is in one of my classes (the only class I have with MB), sadly no classes with MasterFail but I'm sure I'll see him around the law school often enough.
  • My younger brother (if I've not named by brothers yes, the middle is Thomas and the youngest is John) just started university. He's only had to phone me for legal advice once, so I interpret this as a step forward. This is the same brother I ranted about after the gnimaerd's (Hi!!) sister's birthday incident, so I hope you'll agree the lad needed some maturity. As far as I can tell, moving out is showing him he needs to grow up a bit, so I look forward to a vastly improved relationship in the future. John goes to university next year, and is he doesn't get accepted at places I will be taking it very personally, given that I wrote his personal statement for him. Well, to be fair, I wrote the first third, and edited the latter part so extensively that I might as well have written it. John, bless him, may be 16 but to meet him you would take him for 13. He's always lived in his own little world, and is thoroughly incapable of simple things like getting himself up for school in the morning, or remembering even the most basic information. I've seen my mother remind him ceaselessly to come straight home from school for some reason, only to have him wander in at 7 pm, casually explain he went to a friend's house, and deny that the morning's conversation ever took place. I at least got him to dictate parts of the statement to me as I wrote, which is something. How he'll survive university I have no idea. He's aiming for Oxford, failing that, BubbleUni. At least I'd get to see him a lot if he went there!
  • I turn 21 next month! I'm planning a huge party, but I'm terrified nobody will show up and I'll look like a loser. I'm going to invite uni friends, school friends both post and pre-america, my family, and any other random persons I know. Realistically, my post-america friends will be there, along with maybe 4 uni people. One or two of my pre-america friends might want to come, but I suspect they'll be put off by not knowing anyone else there. I hope that doesn't happen, because all my sets of friends are basically similar people, and every time I've put them all together so far they've gotten along really well. Maybe if I hire a place with a cheap bar, that'll be an incentive. It's not going to be a fancy affair with decorations or a DJ or anything, I'd just like to get everyone I know together and have a bit of fun and get some sweet presents.
Well! I think that's everything I had to say. If I've forgotten anything...I'll probably not bother mentioning it til my next post, which I promise will not be as far away as this was from the last one! Actually, it'll probably be at my birthday, so you'll be able to find out how my party went, if it even happened at all. Bye!

June 2nd, 2010

Yes, two posts in one week. Why? Nothing better to do!
I have finally moved out of the flat, and back home with my family. Hopefully I'll only be here for about a month, before I get to pack up and run off as quickly as I can without looking back.
I'm being a bit harsh. I've only been home for a day, and already it's really getting me down. The main reason is that I currently have no privacy. While I was away all year, my family took to using my bedroom as a sort of storage area for all their junk that had nowhere else to go. When I was moving back in, I sort of ignored that, put all my bags in my room and said I'd deal with it later. However, after the moving process was done, I took one look at my room and decided that it could fuck RIGHT off. I've spent the last 2 nights sleeping on the sofa as a result, given that the junk-pile on my bed is almost the same height as the bed itself- all the more impressive given that I have a cabin bed (yes, laugh all you like, but I got it when I was 6 and it's not broken yet, so no cause to buy a new one). There's so much crap in there, I can barely get in through the door. So, basically, I don't have a room at the moment. This is pretty big for me- I'm a fairly social person, but when I'm home I spend virtually ALL my time alone in my room. We all have our defined areas in my house, and since mine is lost I'm stuck in the living room, which is my youngest brother's domain.
My day therefore went this;
Wake up, fold up sofa bed, spend day on sofa putting up with brother's DREADFUL taste in television, wait for him to go to bed, unfold sofa bed, ME TIME, sleep.
I'm getting the hell out tomorrow, hopefully not going to come back for a day or so. It'll be fine once I clear my room out, but this is a seriously mammoth task here. Every time I go look at it, I lose heart and retreat quickly back downstairs. Until I am motivated enough to deal with it, I shall be running off to TehBoyfriend's flat, where the space may not be my own, but at least I don't have to share it with someone who thinks that watching double Friends followed by double Smallville followed by ALL 3 UNDERWORLD FILMS is a good idea. *groan*

May 26th, 2010

I've been wanting to write this post for a while, partly for 2 reasons. The first reason is that I'm told I'm going to hell rather a lot. Secondly, I'm also told that I'm far too intolerant of religion and religious people, sometimes by other atheists. The first statement doesn't bother me that much, for a very simple reason; I don't believe in hell, and it's a bit pointless fearing something that doesn't exist. The bit that bothers me is the pleasure that some people seem to take in informing me that I shall burn in eternal agony for refusing to worship their god. My apparent intolerance concerns me a lot more. I don't WANT to be intolerant. I realise that being intolerant makes me just as bad as the religious people I'm angry with. My problem is, the more I learn about religions and religious people, the more I can't escape the notion that it's a gigantic load of bollocks, and you would have to be INSANE to believe in it.
I don't have any problem with the notion of personal belief. Life is difficult, the world is a cruel place, people need things to believe in. Perhaps I'm very lucky; I believe in myself and my own personal strength, I believe in the support I receive from my family and my friends. Maybe if I didn't have that, then I would need to believe in a loving, mythical being as well. However, I read an online article recently (I can't find the link, otherwise I would put it here) in which it was argued that the reason why atheist women get so upset about rape, is that they don't have the moral inner strength of Christian women to deal with it. And THAT is where some of my problems lie. You see, not having a religious belief does not equate to having no belief at all. Religion is not the sole source of strength in the universe. I don't care what people want to believe, it's only when the 'my belief is better than your [lack of] belief' argument kicks off that  I have trouble.
I have some very good friends who are religious, and I often have to toe the line with what I say. I'm sure I've caused offence in the past. I've got to be totally honest here; my opinions on this one do go from one extreme to another. One on hand, I want to respect their beliefs, even though I don't subscribe to them myself. However, at my ugliest moments, I have severe trouble biting my tongue. I think to myself; if I went around believing that my left shoe created the universe, and taking deep personal offence any time someone disagreed with me; people would assume I was a lunatic. The only difference between certain worshipped deities and my left shoe, is that more people agree that their deities exist, and have done so for longer. Ironically, it would probably be easier to argue that my left shoe created the universe, since it can be definitely proved to exist. But that's another blog post aside. When I start thinking along those lines, I know I'm going too far along the intolerance road.
I could go on for pages and pages like this, but I won't. Instead, I shall try to sum up;
I believe that we live in a truly amazing world. As a species, humanity is capable of the most incredible cruelty and barbarism, but we can also do wonderful things. Throughout our history, we have achieved so much. And to me, giving credit to some fabricated sky-being is the ultimate insult to us as a people.
...Ah bollocks, I'm clearly religiously intolerant. Oh well. At least I'm not going to incite hatred and war, and tell people that they're inherently evil.

April 3rd, 2010

Hello m'dears!
Okay, so ignore that last post. It's pointless, it's whiny, and I promise never to blog when I'm on my period again. Moving on.
Several exciting things are going on at the moment! Exams start this month- not exciting as such, but it's sort of difficult not to mention them as they have taken over my life. I've got my revision all planned, even colour coded, now all I have to do is actually DO it. Whether or not I can go through with that remains to be seen.
Also, new Doctor Who! We've been waiting since 2008 for a full series, and the wait has not been in vain. I don't want to spoil anyone who hasn't seen the episode yet, and I can't be bothered doing a full discussion- I thought it was bloody brilliant, let's leave it there.
I'm home at the moment for easter. In some ways, it's a LOT better than living at the flat- the kitchen is full of food, and the power shower this morning was practically a religious experience. The only problem is my brother. He's a general pain in the arse, but more so lately. For example- I was making dinner for the family, and I persuaded him to help me. I was giving him advice on the recipe, and he treated me to an angry rant about how I was a dominating bitch, screamed most charmingly into my face. He then added three times the amount of water that the recipe called for, and blamed the ruined meal on my 'fucking crap' cooking. GRR!
Also, I was supposed to be helping
[info]gnimaerd out at her sister's birthday party- they've rented a venue, and needed help managing the doors, making sure people were on the guestlist, etc. Our siblings are friends, and when I mentioned to my brother that I was helping out, he completely freaked out. Not only did he tell me 'don't you fucking dare turn up', he then went complaining to the birthday girl, and effectively got me banned from the premises. I WAS ONLY GOING TO STAND AT THE DOOR. IT IS NOT A BIG DEAL. His friends don't even know who I am. He also treated me to a charming little speech on how I would be useless at it, because I'm short and a woman. Sexism aside, it kind of bugs me that my brother seems to think I'm a truly useless human being. It stems from the fact that I don't drink- as far as he's concerned, that clearly means I just sit at home in an innocent bubble of naivety and helplessness. He sometimes tells me about his friends that smoke, in a way that suggests I've never even heard of a cigarette before. Sorry to go on about it, but I'd sort of appreciate being respected as a human being for once.
*rant over*
But yes, family home? FAR better without the family actually in it, at times.
Still chocolate day tomorrow, YAY!

March 8th, 2010

Yes, that's right. Men, go away now.
I've been crying for the past 15 minutes for no reason, I've screwed up a book by throwing it against the wall in a fit of inexplicable anger, and I saw a photo of me on facebook which I disliked, so I've not eaten in 24 hours. I actually find the hunger pangs comforting, they remind me of when I was thinner, a few months ago. Oh, and I seriously want to kill a friend of mine (she doesn't read this, so don;t worry, it's not you :) ) because she's annoying the hell out of me. Actually, there are two people I'd quite like to kill right now. Knowing that all of these emotions are totally meaningless and transitory is NOT HELPING.
Can my period be over now?

January 20th, 2010

UPDATE: tax statutes.

Seeing as how I am a total drama queen at times;


For those of you who thought that I was taking the tax statute rant a bit too seriously.
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January 11th, 2010

In the many of the different law subjects I study, we're allowed to take books of statute into the exam. This has its pros and cons- on the one hand it saves you the trouble of memorising a lot of precise detail and section numbers, but on the other hand, the questions themselves tend to be harder and more nit-picky as a result. It's also a pain having to read significant parts of the book beforehand so you know where to find stuff in a hurry, since you can't have bookmarks or bend page corners. However, that's not usually a problem, given that every set of statutes I've come across until recently has looked like this;

 As I'm sure you'll agree, this is a manageable size, not a real problem, right? HOWEVER, today I purchased my statutes for taxation. I am not best pleased.

Yup, that's no less than FOUR VOLUMES of statute detailing the joyous provisions regulating income tax, capital gains tax and VAT, among other wonders. All four of which I am expected to bring to and use in the exam.

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December 24th, 2009

I have zero Christmas spirit this year. Possibly a combination of the fact that I have bought all my own presents, I don't think my family will like the crap I got them, and oh yeah, my cat probably has leukaemia and is most likely being put down on Tuesday, at the tender age of three years old.
Ah, I'll go be moody elsewhere. At least we get Doctor Who tomorrow- it had better be good, as all my Christmas happiness is hanging on that one episode.

December 16th, 2009

Okay, my 20th was awesome. It lasted for 3 days, more or less. On my actual birthday, I got to have all the birthday squee, as well as the tastiest fajitas ever cooked for me by LoM. Day 2 featured a family dinner and even MORE fajitas (noticing anything about my food tastes?) and CAAAAAAAAAAKE...most of which has been eaten by my brothers. Oh well.
Day 3 was of course the best, because day 3 was the party! I'd struggle to summarise the highlights of that particular evening, but my personal weirdest point was AngelBeaver rubbing cake in my hair, I am still unsure what the hell was going on there.
Since then? I'm in the middle of my exams, the last (and probably toughest) being on friday. Still, off to Paris on saturday, and I CAN NOT WAIT!! Here's hoping the weather holds. Trust me, the revision is SO much easier when I remind myself how I'll be in Disneyland this time next week :)

For the first time in about...8 years, I have no desire to lose weight. I'm about 8 stone 3 and totally content. YAY!
(It will not last.)

November 26th, 2009

My Birthday!

So, I'm not a teenager anymore! That is a marginally frightening thought, so I will therefore ignore it.
I don't actually have anything interesting to stay at this stage, because it's only been my birthday for 14 minutes and nothing has happened yet.
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